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Hey there! I'm Andrea Engstrom, Master Certified Life Coach and the founder of Lil’ Habit 👋🏻 As a life-long learner, I'm obsessed with growth through small, daily habits. That's why I send weekly bite-sized articles to help you make intentional changes and live your most authentic life! 🚀

My superpower is taking BIG goals and breaking them down into micro actions. Like how managing clutter for 5 minutes is better than ignoring it. Or flossing just 2 teeth builds the habit so you eventually floss them all! I provide the psychology and accountability so you can nerd out on personal growth with lil’ habits that stick.

Self-care isn't selfish - it gives us energy to drive change! But real self-care goes beyond bubble baths. It means caring for our emotional, social, physical, creative and spiritual needs. I'll share unconventional insights on the many dimensions of self-care and help you create habits that you can tailor to YOU.

This is a space to get motivated, think differently, and LAUGH while making changes. Everything I share is stuff I'm experimenting with in my own life. With your help, I'll keep improving my methods and stay excited about this work we both love.

So join our community! Paid subscribers get the full archive, private workshops, and challenges to stay on track. Ready to develop practices that shake up your status quo? Let's expand our potential together!

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Let's explore small but mighty habits!


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I'm a writer, producer, and digital media pioneer. I've worked for giant corporations, Hollywood studios, and entrepreneurs with big ideas. I'm also a Master Certified Life Coach who can help you get sh*t done.